Lauren Cotton Artist

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Artist Statement

Utilizing a two-dimensional format through the use of adhesive-backed vinyl and interior latex paints, my installations ignite complex optical relationships between space, form and color.  Color becomes the concept of the work in a physical way, building three-dimensional space with two-dimensional materials. With each new environment, my works’ form, color and composition alter and expose a structural framework of both physiological and psychological possibilities.

The sculptural pieces I create are made from wood scavenged from local building sites.  Chopped, painted and screen printed the separate sections are then joined together to create relief-style wall mounted works.   This three-dimensional format pushes color into a realm where its materiality exemplifies an otherwise undisclosed taciturn expression.

My two-dimensional works are investigations of color interaction and the significant roles shape and pattern play in those relationships.  The pieces are vehicles to immediately utilize a more extensive range of colors and materials while juxtaposing contrasting hues to create context.

Employing both traditional and digital photographic techniques my photographs are a documentation of the artist as prop to her art and the artmaking process. Hand-constructed masks, costumes and scenery are also used to create circumstances both nondescript and didactic.

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